Vital & Challenging Truths


I’m officially ordaining each of you to THE MINISTRY OF “WHATEVER.” Your ordination is valid ANYWHERE you go, at ANYTIME, while doing ANYTHING directly related to THE MINISTRY OF WHATEVER (as defined by Matthew 25:40).


In ACTS 17 (as well as ACTS 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 16, etc.), we see the BATTLE that was waged against the TRUTH & TRUTH-TELLERS. Throughout the New Testament, we see the same ole battle and the same ole battle plan. And it’s exactly the same spiritual warfare, using the identical battle plan, that has been unleashed against The TRUTH & TRUTH-TELLERS in our current times.

Revelations 22:19

“If anyone takes words away from this book …”

When it comes to the Christian life, we must embrace the entire Word Of God, the Bible. Doing otherwise, in an attempt to modify God’s truth to fit your chosen lifestyle or in an attempt to excuse a particular sin, is to invite a disastrous outcome.

JOSHUA 23-24

We’re called to make a choice, to determine under what banner we will fly. Will you choose to serve God on His terms, serve Him with all faithfulness, and throw away those things in your life that are contrary to the Bible? Friends, it’s time to choose for yourselves.

Ephesians 4:17-24

The WORD says that there are those who have “LOST ALL SENSITIVITY” to the voice & presence of God. Sadly, the lives of many give evidence of this tragic spiritual condition. But Praise God, there are things we can do, must do, in order to increase our ability to hear, sense and experience God. My personal prayer, and my prayer for each of you, is that the Holy Spirit would increase our Spiritual “SENSITIVITY.”

The MEANING of MATTHEW 24; the Divine Duality of His Love

God wants us to prepare for Eternity, but He also cares about our lives while we’re in this Earthly World; it’s the Divine Duality of His Love. In Matthew 24, the Disciples ask 2 Specific Questions (one is an Earthly Existence question, the other is a Spiritual Existence question). And Jesus answers both questions, but it’s all intertwined in a way that can make it difficult to understand. In this passage, Jesus speaks about Preparing, Prayer & Passion. My summation is that we’re not to be so Spiritually Minded, so Eternity Focused – that we are of No Earthly Good. Go with me as we seek to understand the 2 Specific Questions asked and the 2 Specific Answers given.

2 Timothy 4:3

Everyone is ready to diagnose you. Many are happy to tell you whatever pleases you. But is this what you need?

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